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Reviving Passion & Purpose

Build a sustainable practice and get back to doing what you love.


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Dr Natalie Corbin and Dr Campbell at office


What we do at
 Revolution Practice?

At Revolution Practice, our mission is to empower doctors, dentists, and other health professionals by helping them build cohesive and effective support teams that collaborate seamlessly to achieve optimal health outcomes for their clients. We are committed to partnering with healthcare providers to transform their practices, enabling them to provide exceptional care and enhance the well-being of their patients. By offering comprehensive consulting services, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, introducing Functional Medicine and leveraging cutting-edge strategies, we strive to create an environment where healthcare professionals can thrive and patients receive the highest standard of personalized care.


What we can do for you

Virtual 1 on 1 Consulting
Online Resource Center
Practice Pearls & Pitfalls Evaluation
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Explore Live Events

Come spend 2 lesson packed days with us in a classroom style setting. Fun Door Prizes, Engaged learning, practice building tips, Functional Medicine tidbits, contract and consent writing that protects you, how to deal with difficult people, company culture, HR do's and don'ts, understanding your P&L's, owning your schedule, Doctor tips that change patient outcomes, and so much more...

* Healthy Organic Lunch provided, snacks and coffee available throughout the event.

Meeting with multiple doctors


Why Choose Us

Work-Life Balance

Learn how to create a schedule that works for you not against you and build the team that supports your mission and vision. Having the right people and systems in place will let you leave your practice and enjoy time doing the things you wish you could do now including eating dinner at home with your family and taking a vacation.

Team Building & Retention

If you understood how crucial it is to have the right people in the right places to meet the needs of your practice and patients, then you wouldn't be scratching your head right now. Let us help you with pearls on interviewing, hiring, job descriptions, setting wage expectations, team building tips and supportive documentation for staff discipline.

DIY Concierge Practice

If we can do it, so can you! It takes commitment, a careful plan and knowing when to make the jump. Once you have that you need to know what to expect, how to write your contracts and how to set your fees. These are all things that we have experience with that have led us to owning and operating one of the most successful private practices in North Georgia.

Functional Medicine Hot Topics

Learn from community leader and expert Dr. Ellie Campbell as she teaches you how to incorporate and use Functional Medicine to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Campbell will share her knowledge on various topics including defeating hypertension, the oral systemic connection, deep dive labs that reveal secrets your patients didn’t know, preventative strategies to reduce chronic disease risk factors, women’s health including the use of BHRT and more...

Preventing Physician Burnout

It is our passion and calling to help save the lives of our colleagues so that they can continue to heal others. This condition is real and it is important to know when you might be in trouble. We can help you or your organization by educating you on recognizing behaviors or changes in yourself or someone you work with. Once identified, what are the next steps? We have those too and are happy to share them.


What our customers have to say

Dr. Campbell is a fountain of knowledge. Her passion for her work is obvious and contagious. The practice foundations she has set up are easy to follow and create an amazing work life balance that is unprecedented. Allowing her to give her patients the best care imaginable as well as giving her and her family the time they need to thrive. She loves to share this passion with others and as a practicing physician I don't know where I would be without her guidance and support.

Dr. Casey Kelley


With Revolution Practice, they really help with the day to day, from patient contracts, consent forms, to the courage to do this in the first place and to charge more when it was appropriate. My practice is efficient and successful with the help of Revolution Practice.

Dr. Suzanne F. Turner

Physician Owner, Vine Medical Associates

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