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Frequently Asked Question

  • This is the most common complaint we hearfrom medical professionals. What if we told you that it doesn’t have to be this way and that you can regain your passion for practicing medicine? We will teach you to create a company culture that has you looking forward to Mondays again. We will provide solutions for the overwhelm, EMR frustration, Intake and NP anxiety, scheduling nightmares and more! We take away the trepidation of downsizing your practice or stabilizing what you already have and transitioning to a model that supports all the things that called you to medicine in the first place. If we showed you how having only 400 patients could result in EXTRA dollars in your bank account , reduce your stress and allow you to spend more time enjoying your hobbies and family, wouldn’t that help revive your passion?

  • We understand that one of the biggest challenges facing medical clinics is staffing. Trust issues, Reliability and turn over can add to your frustrations. We will provide you tips with interviewing, how to find the right fit for your practice and how to make this process about building a team that shares your visions, dedication and passion.

  • You got it! We have all the tools you need to transform your practice into a thriving, happy and healthy workplace. Learn how to remove the fear and walk away from the confines of an insurance based practice Maybe you are not quite ready to let it all go– ok then – we still have tips to build your success level!

  • Register for one of our live events- a weekend conference where you can open your mind to new possibilities and recharge your love of helping others. In our live events, you will learn how to create a membership plan that feels right to you, create the team that reflects your mission and how to bring services to your practice that increase revenue and patient satisfaction.

  • Revolution Practice offers you teaching tools and access to Dr. Campbell and Natalie.You have the option of choosing the level of support that fits your needs including live events, focused webinars and live coaching calls. We will even share some of our printed practice materials that can be purchased during the Live Events.

  • We will teach you how to engage your staff, patients and community using the power of social media, interdisciplinary collaboration and local resources. Marketing is not that difficult when you and your team share the same mission. It is about making a connection and we can show you how to make the impact you desire!

  • We take you on a journey through successful business tips that include effective team building, office engagement, company culture, cash pay services outside of membership and we sprinkle in some root cause resolution and concierge membership practice tips.We engage you in the business of medicine, ask you to recall and visualize your dream practice and engage you in creative ways to open your mind to new possibilities for success.

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