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Practice Pearls and Pitfalls Evaluation

You are ready to make some changes!
This service is provided by Natalie and includes the following:

  • Practice Information and Data Gathering (multiple page questionnaire about your practice and its struggles as well as social media links)

  • Online zoom session to discuss your information and goals

DAY 1 ( Morning to Evening - 8 Hours)
  • Meeting time to begin the “Discovery Uncovery” - Natalie will be given a private tour of your facility and see the workspaces for the team and physician.

  • Natalie will sit down with your Practice Manager or Bookkeeper to discuss your P&L’s as well as your budget.

  • Natalie will inquire about your ordering processes for all things needed in your office

  • Natalie will conduct introductions with each of your team members

  • Natalie will sit and observe the flow of your office for 1-2 hours

  • Natalie will review your employee handbook, policies and procedures

  • Natalie will review your marketing plan and outreach (if you have someone assigned to this then they will need to have time to speak one on one with Natalie)

  • Natalie will review your A/R aging report

DAY 2 (Afternoon to Evening - 4 Hours)
  • Natalie will present written assessment and plan that addresses each of the findings

  • Owner and Manager(s) will meet to discuss plan and findings

  • Action steps that need immediate attention will be addressed as applicable

  • Natalie will meet with key staff to talk about findings and improvement plan (group or individual)

  • Natalie will assist with any issues presented by physician, management or staff

DAY 3 (Morning to Afternoon - 4 Hours)
  • Natalie will meet with the owner and Manager to discuss any concerns that have arisen as a result of findings and changes / plan.

  • Natalie to provide resources / handouts / set follow up zoom for 2 weeks out (1 hour zoom)

  • This 3 day evaluation will include up to 16 hours of consultation / assessment time + 1 follow up zoom session and it is expected that the client (registrant) will assume all financial responsibility for travel, lodging and ride shares needed to complete this service. Arrival is expected to be the day prior to the initial in person meeting and departure is expected to be the final day of the service (Day 3). Natalie will pay for her own meals unless they are arranged to be part of or in the company of the registrant and staff.

3 Day Evaluation and Assessment with written plan for correction: $22,000

(plus airfare, travel and lodging)

Non-refundable deposit of $2,200 due on completion of initial zoom session and registration of calendar

dates for Practice Pearls and Pitfalls Evaluation.

Non-refundable Payment of $10,000 due upon Natalie’s arrival to your facility.

Final payment of $10,000 due within 10 days of Natalie’s departure.

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