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Virtual meeting with client

Virtual 1 on 1 Consulting

You can choose 30 - 60 minute increments of time that fits within your schedule. Natalie and Dr. Campbell will be accessible to you via phone call or by Zoom appointment. It is your choice on how you think we can best address your needs. You may book time with either Natalie or Dr. Campbell but you may decide you want them both to join you in your consulting session. Fees vary depending on the time you spend and with whom you reserve your appointment. Just reserve your time on our calendar and a link with your appointed time will be sent directly to you.

Practice Pearls box

Practice Pearls and
Pitfalls Evaluation

You are ready to make some changes!

This service is provided by Natalie and includes the following:

  1. Practice Information and Data Gathering (multiple page questionnaire about your practice and its struggles as well as social media links)

  2. Online zoom session to discuss your information and goals

Online Resource Center

Helpful resources at your finger tips. Thank you for visiting. Here you will find links to access various items that can be accessed for purchase. Click on the links to be redirected and complete your purchase or make inquiry to an item of interest. Dr. Campbell’s book

Online resources
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